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Tamar Su

Tamar Su’s project is a diverse breath of creativity. She writes gentle folk-rock songs about unbearable loss and love, alienation, the need to belong versus freedom and self fulfillment. Her music is influenced by various female artists such as Feist, Cat Power, The Cranberries, Eurythmics, as well as Israeli rock singers. 


The production of her songs is a collaborative effort with musician and producer Yoav Or (from the Musical duo “JonZ” - which Tamar manages). It is influenced by israeli and international classic rock and ethnic tinges, manifesting the musical and geographic line that connects her home in France with her Israeli homeland. 

After a long period, promoting many Artists in the Israeli and international music scene, Tamar is calling out from the depths of her heart with a new and intriguing voice of her own.

“Gray Roofs” is Tamar’s debut single.  The lyrics were written while gazing at the Paris Skyline from the 21st floor. Magic lights in winter gray reflect nuances in the relationship with her beloved.


First translated from Hebrew to French and later recorded in Tel Aviv and Paris, the single was released in September 2019 as  a double bilingual song, (6/9/19).

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